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34 Chowringhee Lane is one of the best QSR franchise opportunities in the market.
Our experience of 22 years and a team of professionals deliver successful outcomes

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You Own - We Operate


34 Chowringhee Lane will manage the entire operations ,provide management, technical know how, supply chain, design, menu, marketing support, recruitment and training support for chefs and cooks. Outlet partner is expected to be responsible only for general business management, compliances and accounting.
An outlet set-up costs Rs 16,00,000 - 18,00,000 which includes Build Cost, Kitchen Equipment & Franchise Fees.

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Why Sell Kathi Rolls?

  • The simplicity in making and consuming of Rolls has enhanced its popularity and acceptability as a commercial offering leading to an annual revenue of $ 2.8 Billion.

  •  Strong in both online and offline sales

  • In the top 5 selling items on Zomato and Swiggy nationally

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