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34 Chowringhee lane out of the box reel campaign

34CL is looking for an ‘Out of the box’ reel ad. The first prize is INR 50,000. The second prize is INR 25,000. The third prize is INR 15,000. If you don’t win and we use your content in any way we will give you INR 2100.

To enter the competition:

  • Make a reel ad for 34 Chowringhee Lane

  • Tag @34chowringheelane in every reel caption, and tag the location of the outlet you went to purchase the roll

  • Use the hashtag #34CLad

  • Follow the @34chowringheelane page on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Rules are as follows:

  • Make it as creative as possible, include humor or any props of your choice

  • Videos that are not reels will be disqualified

  • Video quality must be clear, with no hazy, blurred content, please

  • Can be shot on your phone

  • 34 Chowringhee Lane has the right to use your content if you choose to enter this competition

  • The ad should specifically have a HUMOROUS or EMOTIONAL angle, and should not be a typical kitchen video

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